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Club Statement

Darlington FC have released the following statement.


As you will now be aware, DFC CIC owns a 52% controlling interest in Darlington 1883 Limited. The club is now owned by its supporters. We are excited and very proud of our achievements on the pitch so far this season, and in Martin Gray we have an excellent manager who has a first class coaching team assisting him. Martin’s management style is based on professionalism, discipline and standards of excellence and the Board of Directors of the club together aim to bring the same professional approach to the club and to off field matters.

There are around 800 founder members of Darlington Football Club CIC, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your fantastic financial support. We are very pleased to announce that the Darlington Football Club CIC Certificates of Membership with an accompanying letter and personal details form have now been received by our members and we would also like to thank you for attending the Fans Forum recently. We greatly value everyone’s contribution and we are now busy letting supporters know how they can get more involved with the CIC work streams as we move forward.

We would like to thank all our supporters for getting behind Martin and the team this season, not only for our home support but also for the fantastic army of travelling support we’ve seen. We all know we become the 12th man for the players and they, like us, appreciate every single one of you.

Darlington Football Club consists of Martin Jesper, Laura Drew and Dave Mills, Ian Wilkinson, Paul Colman and Andrew Cawkwell as Directors of DFC CIC. Together we are committed to helping supporters understand more about how the CIC structure works and how it interacts with DFC 1883 Ltd. DFC CIC wishes to promote a comprehensive system of supporter engagement and continually active fundraising, to provide energy and funds to support our team. The CIC Board have met with the fundraising group, who are a fantastically motivated bunch of supporters who have got great fundraising ideas to build on their outstanding efforts during the course of this season so far. Our attentions are now focused on facilitating a supporter engagement work stream which is representative of the various supporters groups. There are lots of opportunities for supporters to get involved with the CIC and its initiatives and volunteers are most welcome to contact us using the contact email address below.

Dave Mills, Director of Darlington Football Club CIC said, “We understand the need to improve our two-way communication with our supporters, to make sure they receive accurate information and are actively listened to as we move forward. Our priority is to continue to reach our fans using all available forms of media. We will release regular articles and information on the club website and in the local press and support that with links to social media. We hope that you quickly embrace your supporter owned and community-based football club, and support the various fundraising activities that will be rolling out with the full support of Martin Gray and the team”.

To contact Darlington Football Club CIC please email us your comments to; and you will receive a personal reply from one of the CIC Directors.