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Darlington FC CIC Membership

What Is a CIC?

A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a limited company, with special additional features, created for the use of people who want to conduct a business or other activity for community benefit, and not purely for private advantage.

In football terms the CIC runs very similar to that of a Supporters Trust, it will be democratic committed to strengthening the voice of the supporters in the decision making process at a club, and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves.

The CIC is registered at Companies House, and following a recent meeting with Supporters Direct we now have their full support.
The Darlington FC CIC is owned by its members, each of whom own one share in the CIC.

What is Darlington FC CIC About?

The Darlington FC CIC is about three things: Supporters, Football Club and Community. An active and well run CIC will provide benefits for all three. Supporters will see a clear, democratic structure that will get their voice heard. They will benefit directly from CIC membership in the form of events, discounts and offers. Ultimately they will own the football club through their CIC.

The Football Club will benefit from funds and sponsorships raised by the CIC, from the new sets of local and national contacts that we will make by being involved in Supporters Direct through the partnership with the Darlington Supporters Trust and through a stronger and more coherent voice of the supporters. The CIC will be able to do, and will be interesting in doing, some things the club might find hard simply through lack of resource.

The Darlington community will benefit from projects undertaken on their behalf by the CIC and through the development of stronger networks and ties between the CIC, the Club and the community. This we are already seeing with the Schools programme, the Food banks and of course the Trophy Tour.

As a supporter we will value your input: your ideas, your help, and your vote. We aim to deliver to you a football club, supporters group and community that is immeasurably stronger than it is today or has been at any time in the past.

Why should I be a CIC member?

  • Create and enjoy events & initiatives for fans, club and community
  • Have a say in how the CIC participates with the Football Club
  • Receive an exclusive quarterly newsletter
  • It costs just £20 (£10 for u16) per year to be a member
  • Get exclusive access to the Quakers CIC fans forum

Membership Benefits

There are several benefits of being a member. These include having each adult member having an equal share in Darlington FC CIC and having a having a say in how Darlington FC CIC participates at the CICs exclusive Fans forums. The CIC has shares in the Club and is hoping to purchase more – funded by the membership scheme. Being a member also means having a say in how the Darlington FC CIC engages with the Football Club and the community. It also means you are part of a real football family ran by fans for the fans, club, community events and initiatives like:

  • Community Fun days
  • Be a founder member for £100 and get a certificate, name on the website and entry onto our wall of fame
  • Food Banks for Charity
  • Race Nights
  • Band Nights
  • Travel to and from games
  • End of season party
  • 7 aside competitions
  • Trophy on Tour
  • Fans Surveys
  • Fans Forums exclusive to the CIC (launching in late 2013)

Renewal Policy

As each new season approaches, it’s time to start thinking of CIC membership renewals. The good news is that the subscription fees for 2013/14 have been set at £20 adult and £10 under 16. Membership is by annual subscription, nominally to coincide with the playing season for the first team of Darlington FC and does not relate specifically to the anniversary of the original date of a member’s application. New applications and renewals for the next season will be accepted from the end of June onwards and the deadline for renewals will be 1st March 2014.

That said, there will be plenty of opportunities to renew your membership and we’ll have a table at the home matches.

Please don’t forget to renew, because, every penny from the memberships goes into a ring-fenced fund which is dedicated to Darlington FC 1883 ltd share purchases – we 100% guarantee that any donations to this fund will only be used for the CIC to buy shares in the club, on a regular basis. This influx of cash to the Football Club will be used to help with the day to day running of Darlington FC.

For the purposes of clarity – the contributor will not receive the actual Darlington FC shares; the donation will purely be for the CIC to buy and hold the shares. Nevertheless, the money will be donated directly to the club, benefiting club finances whilst strengthening the bond with the fans and the club.